Top 5 Games of 2019

We’re rounding up some of the best worlds for PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch20-19 is wrapping up so we’re taking a look back at some of our favourite games of the year this time with our favourite open-world games from 2019 now keep in mind a lot of games came out this year that were kind of like hybrid open-world

Metroidvania stuff falling orders maps are massive seller Metro Exodus is we

Tried to focus on the ones that had one or two solely large open sandbox

Environments and we always have to have a disclaimer these are our personal

Choices here at the game ranks office we’re going to disagree so we’re curious to

Hear what yours are down in the comments anyway let’s get started off with number 5 .

5. Rage 2

At number 5 we have

Rage 2 which yes that released this year it seems to have kind of flown by but

When you think about it they did build a damn good world here taking place after

The events of the first rage game and definitely improve things here with

Just way more exciting and focused shooting with a bunch of powers that you

Can level up and earn your way towards and some really really creative guns and

Rage 2

Vehicles but the actual world itself the world of Rage 2 is absolutely massive

And you can traverse it in a variety of different ways from motorcycles cool

Post-apocalyptic trucks and also hovercraft not only that they also did a

Really good job of not just making it like oh the end of the world it’s all a

Desert like Mad Max they have a lot of variety here there’s forests

There’s swamps there’s different types of deserts I was genuinely surprised

Like how much I wanted to keep progressing through this world just to

See what it’s got and there is quite a bit like I said the sense of scale here

It does feel really massive especially because you’re traversing it all by

Vehicle but thankfully the in-betweens the little stop off points are very fun

And interesting rage 2 is definitely not

The best game .

4. Outer world

Next over at number four we

Have the outer world it’s a game that we keep mixing up and saying the outer

Wilds and vice versa it’s definitely a thing when you talk about a lot of games

But the outer worlds is absolutely worth pointing out because we’ve highlighted

Outer World

It before it was one of our most anticipated games of the year it

Certainly lived up to expectations and it’s just a really exciting universe to

Explore you know the game is divided up into planets it’s not one massive

Sandbox but still some of the planets that you explore are very large so we’re

Considering it in that way and honestly this is kind of like the sequel to

Fallout New Vegas we’ve always wanted set in space this is the type of game

Where you definitely want to explore every corner of your environments and

Every interior and stuff like that because there is so much loot there is

So much to discover but not only that just really discovering and learning

About the world is all the fun.

3. Far Cry new dawn

Down to number three we have Far Cry new dawn another game that released way

Far cry New Down

Earlier in the year and has often forgotten in these types of things but

We really liked what they did here because it was kind of a unique concept

You know take the pretty much success that was far for me 5 and using the same

Elements and stuff give us a little bit more but with a unique spin take the you

Know open world America that is Polk County Montana and put it in a

Post-apocalyptic setting carrying over from the end of Far Cry 5 and you know

What that actually worked out it’s really cool to go back and in this game

And see some of the stuff from the first game all overgrown and blown up and

Screwed up inhabited or uninhabited in different ways it was just a real fun

Adventure just for that reason alone,

2. Death Stranding

Down to number two we have death

Stranding believe it or not because we wanted to highlight it because it’s

Untraditionally an open-world game it does have side quests but it doesn’t

Feel like open-world is like the main concept for the game but there’s no

Denying that the game is absolutely huge the world is massive and it makes you

Feel how massive it is by making you freaking walk across the whole thing now

Whether you like that or not the game is incredibly divisive still we’re still in

The wake of it releasing there’s no denying that the world itself is both

One massive and two really gorgeous.

1. Days Gone

To number one we argued on this one for a while but we chose days gone, Days

Gone is another divisive game on this list but it does seem like it has earned

Quite a bit of fans and we included it on our open world list because frankly

We liked exploring it and honestly in a lot of ways it’s open world 101 just in

Terms of like design quest structured where if you find things days gone

Wasn’t like blowing things out of the water in terms of like innovation or

Newness but exploring this world on your motorcycle with the main character

Deacon st. John was satisfying for us although really the main thing for us

Was the story that kept us going honestly the game may have a little bit too long?

Those are some of our favourite open-world games of 2019 but of course

We want to hear yours down in the comments there’s quite a few more and

Even if you want to go into some you know partially open-world stuff we can

Talk we kept our rules here but you can do whatever you want so let us know

Anything you’ve been playing at all leave it down there.

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