What it Takes To Become Pro Fortnite Player From Average one.

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Wellcome back Gamers to www.progamesguides.com . Today I’ll be showing you guys what it takes to go from just being an

Average player to performing like a pro compared to your average sweat pros have The mentality determination and knowledge needed to become the best. By Looking at these attributes we’ll show you guys how you can become a rock-solid

Player. So go grab a pen and paper a nice cosy drink.

Let’s dive right in if you’re still struggling to improve at fortnight

Despite a ton of game time the issue likely sits with your mentality if

You’re looking to get better as this game or anything else in life it’s

Important to be willing to learn from mistakes what we mean is that after

Every death you need to look at what you did wrong you can’t try to deflect the

Blame onto something else dying and blaming on bad rang a weapon

Being overpowered or opponents acting recklessly are some of the common ways

That we see players deflect blame now look I get that sometimes those factors

Might have contributed to your death but there’s one thing usually in common with

What players like to blame they’re all outside factors beyond your control and

Don’t revolve around how you play like if some Rambo player pushes you in the

Storm and you die because of it blaming the player won’t get you anywhere sure

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They’re psychotic behaviour got bowled have you killed but you need to instead

Think of how you played leading up to that point could you have taken another

Rotation path maybe you should have been more vigilant in spotting potential

Players how about rotating early next time regardless the point is that you

Need to be primarily focusing on yourself and in trio’s your team’s

Game play thinks of it this way every death is a learning experience to

Improve after every loss game you need to be able to take the time and reflect

And how you could have played differently for a better outcome pros do

This by reviewing their game play with either video recordings or through the

In-game replay system using replays is honestly a fantastic way to look at your

Game play you can use free cam or even watch from your opponent’s perspective

To get a better idea of how they reacted to your moves I guarantee that with each

Death you review it shouldn’t be hard to come up with numerous ways that you

Could have played better the pro player mentality doesn’t only involve

Critically assessing yourself another trait pros have is that they usually


Don’t tilt or get frustrated when it matters for them when it matters

Typically means when they’re playing scrims or tournaments for average

Players looking to improve though it always matters if you get tilted at

Frustrating things in the game it’s only going to hinder your ability to review

What went wrong from an objective standpoint then you’ll never improve so

Be critical of yourself not necessarily harsh but just as a way to critique your

Gameplay if you can recognize you’re making mistakes that leaves a ton of

Room for improvement and really it’s a necessary step to becoming a better

Player ok guys so the next thing that gives a pro their elite status is the

Amount they train becoming a pro at the game doesn’t happen overnight it can

Take months of dedication and serious amounts of game time to reach the

Highest level of skill most pro players are out there playing at least six hours

Of fortnight each and every day usually longer outside of their game sessions

They spend even more time reading watching and talking about fortnight

They essentially have their lives revolve around the game that level of

Dedication along with possessing the right mentality is what makes pro

Players so unbelievably good at what they do what’s important is not only how

Often they train but also what kind of training they do the regimen of each pro

Player can depend on their playstyle and what they need to work on but there are

shaddow axe

A few areas almost all of them touch first and foremost they regularly warm

Up and train their mechanical abilities whenever they get the chance that

Warm-up helps keep their mechanics top-notch the three mechanics to warm up

Are aiming building and editing to work on their shots plenty of pros like to

Use Kovacs aim trainer for a more extreme style of warmup Kovacs is one of

The leading aim trainers out there known for its ability to produce results among

Fortnight pros if you have a PC and really want the best out of your aim you

need to check it out on Steam but for those of us that don’t play on PC Kovacs

isn’t an option the good thing is you can still get a very effective aim warm-up and creative if you’re looking for an aim map to try out check out SIL Ages aim facility we’ve recommended this course before and it still holds up it’s just so

comprehensive and includes everything that you’d ever needed an aim warm up

the tile frenzy section is especially great if you’re looking for something

similar to Kovacs when it comes to building there are two ways pro players

like to train the first is by doing it alone and creative some techniques don’t

really involve other players for example tunneling in 90s you can work on on your

own so you don’t really need anything else to get going the second and

preferred way of warming builds by many pro players is to 1v1

but one be wanting you’re practicing your building mechanics but in a much

more realistic setting like it’s one thing to know how to do a high ground

retake but can you do a high ground retake and quickly adjust when a player

shoots at you because that’s what will happen in actual fights and being able

to train for actual scenarios is much more valuable than just getting the

techniques down for editing I still really like Sol ages randomized edit

course every time you run it the layout changes randomizing the courses really

helps you learn how to react to the pieces instead of just memorizing the

layout this is similar to how you’ll actually edit structures and real games

and so this method of randomizing the courses is just wonderful for practicing

edits other than their mechanical abilities another area in which pros

excel is in game since game sense is what players use to make informed

decisions in the game things like deciding when to rotate or predicting an

opponent in a build fight are just some examples of where good game sense is

required it can be tougher to train game sense since it’s something that can’t

always be taught it normally needs to be learned through lots of trial and error

and there’s no better way to learn through trial and error than by playing

aggressively by playing aggressively you’re constantly putting yourself into

new and difficult scenarios to learn from opponents will act how you wouldn’t

expect them to act they’ll even pull off moves you’ve never seen before either way most thing counters will have something unique happen which you can

familiarize yourself with but guys with every death you need to make sure you’re

thinking about what you did wrong that way you can learn something if you don’t

you won’t learn much and it’ll just have been a waste of time

since there’s a lot of death involved with W King it’s pretty normal to lose

arena points during this learning phase one piece of advice is to create an alt

account to play aggressive arena games on since you’re not on your main account

you don’t have to worry about losing any rating you can play aggressively with

your mind at land in hot zones and take fights.

In summary having

the right mentality training regimen and play style are three attributes that

make pro players shine if you want to make it as a pro game or someday you’ll

need a good combination of these three traits always be willing to learn from

your mistakes don’t slip up on training because it’s a necessary part of keeping your abilities in working condition and always be looking to improve your knowledge of the game because there’s more to success in competitive than just having good

mechanics thanks so much for Reading.

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