6 tips and tricks to play and win at Fortnite Battle Royale, the most popular game in the world right now


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One thing that separates pros from your everyday player is technique usage sure.

They have crazy aiming building and game sense too but their knowledge and use of

So many different tricks give them an even bigger advantage on the battlefield.

Whether it’s to win fights or to assist with rotations knowing just a few

Techniques can benefit you guys more in ways that you can ever imagine what’s

Going on I want to inspire you guys to not only be good in for fortnite but

To also be great in life this is your year do you believe that do you believe

That you got to believe it because you got to believe in yourself that’s where

It all starts and you will do the impossible.

I’m going to be showing you guys six techniques that you guys can use to

Outplay and out my new versions these moves are mostly meant for games that

Give a tougher matchup like arenas and scrims they can help you secure the

Hardest to get kills and are going to work wonders to keep you guys alive

during your rotation.

1. Anti Beam Rotation

Anti Beam Rotations

If you ever watched any pro players make in-game rotations these are

Anti beam launch pad setups which are used to lower the height and distance

Your launch pad takes you taking a launch pad without setting up the anti

Beam can be very dangerous and a very packed in game you’re going to be stuck

Floating for an unnecessarily long time and pretty much you should just have a

Sign that say hey everyone kill me right now I want to die so

Unless you need the full distance provided by launch pads using an anti

Beam setup it’s going to keep you in your teammates much safer for the absolute

Shortest distance place the launch pad down on the floor piece and then put a

Cone over stand on top of the half of the cone facing the direction you want

To launch right edit the cone into a ramp and as long as you’re not standing

Too close to the centre you’re going to drop down and launch this only takes you

About a third of the distance a normal Launch pad goes and it’s useful for

Rotations up to 70 meters.



The next one is a variation of the previous one utilizing a bouncer

Yeah to get some extra distance so start with the previous set up okay and place

A bouncer on the wall your ramp is on if you run into the bouncer at a 45 degree

Angle it’ll push you right onto the launch pad and give you extra height

This one is going to take you about 130 or 140 meters which is still slightly less

Than a launch pad by itself approaching at the right angle can’t be a little

Tricky guys so we advise practicing a bit before you start because if you mess

Up you’re going to end up missing the launch pad entirely .


Shockwave grenades using this combo woo can create extra distance for longer

Rotations and even extra height if you’re looking to go up vertically first

Let’s talk about the horizontal combo there are a few ways to do this but the

Most consistent setup by far is the box place a cone on the ground and put a

Bouncer on the wall okay if you run it to the centre of the bouncer you should

Get stopped in your tracks by the cone while you’re doing this through a shock

Wave at the bouncer just slightly above the bottom blue arrow jump out the last

Second and you’ll shockwave with the added strength of a bouncer you need to

Make sure you reverse your direction or else you’re not going to go as far if

You’re still holding forward in the opposite direction you’re moving it’ll

Slow you down if you’re ever looking to launch vertically

With twice the normal height of a shock wave here’s what you should do box up

And place a bouncer on the wall face the opposite wall and throw a shock wave now

As you does that backpedal into the bouncer while facing the shock wave?

Grenade and it should push you right on top of it with this combo you can go

Twice as high however if you hit your bouncer at the wrong time or angle it

Can mess the whole thing up


But if you ever want to go in extremely far this is for whatever

Reason set up the bouncer and launch pad combo without the ramp this combo here

Can take you up to 300 meters away who that’s far this doesn’t even

Really have too much of an in-game use but it can still be useful if you’re

Trying to escape the storm or cover long distances in re one final variation you

Can use to fine-tune your distance involves putting a second wall up before

Adding the ramp you normally can’t reach far enough to place the ramp when it’s

Just two walls high so instead place a cone and edit it into a ramp okay you

Can use this with a bouncer or without depending on how much distance you want.



Here’s a quick little variation on diagonal tunnelling that can come and

Some serious use when you’re low on mats so start out by

Placing a ramp and then a floor above it from here attach another floor in ramp

Toward whichever direction you want a tunnel that’s it really pretty simple

Right as we said this tunnel barely uses anything which is amazing but we got a

Little problem it exposes you a lot you can remedy this by choosing a tunnel

Next to the storm and by placing walls in the direction of your opponents as

Long as you have the storm on one side guys you won’t have to worry about

Covering it adding just one wall with each ramp closes up most of the angles And still uses fewer mats than traditional tunnelling which is great now .


It’s so cool and insanely clever when you break it down and you see exactly how it works essentially it’s an expert level edit freak-out that takes advantage of how

Most opponents even react so to start off you need to be on the defensive and

SATA box once a player starts trying to pressure your wall you need to quickly

Edit open your roof jump to place a cone over your opponent’s head and at the

Wall in front of you and then shoot your opponent like BAM then they’re going to be

Like what in the world just happened I’m so confused how did that happen?

s box fighting fake outs are a fantastic way to punish impatient players like the classic corner wall bait if you edit the top left corner of your wall then wait a

Fraction of a second for your opponent to try and peek on that side you can

Quickly reset the wall and edit the top right corner with this you can bait your Opponent and create a beautiful right side angle to attack from inside.


You set up three tiles away from your opponent’s turtle and throw your shockwave grenade two blasts yourself into their box although this is still a good move

Against most players better players might come to expect it these days by

now so if they do they can set up some traps that will injure push real quick the initial setup is very similar to the old trick with just a couple of differences first build out three floor tiles from your opponent’s roof piece position yourself

At the start of the third tile and then place the wall at the end of it throw

Your shockwave grenade at the centre of the wall and get ready to turbo bill

Baby as long as you’re not too slow you can easily just take their floor and

Cone and edit through for the kill so what’s great about this my friends is

That this move tends to also break a single wall of your opponent’s box which

Makes for the perfect distraction.

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