Finding it diffucult to win in Fortnite Battle Royale? Our most useful tips can help you a lot in marking your first ever victory royale


Welcome back Gamers to the www.Progamesguides,com.We try to provide best Fortnite Tips and trick to increase your winning ratio. In todays article we are going to talk about the basics things that every Fortnite player should know to compete in Fortnite Royale Play.Check These also

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Firstly i Going to be breaking down two different ways to improve. The first is going to be in-game come on now this is you getting down and dirty with your creative with Your arena you know whatever the case may be right all that matters is that You’re in-game doing these things the second is out of game meaning Everything you can do without actually playing the game to get better but we’re Going to get into that later okay now in game practice can be very helpful I put A strong emphasis on can because if you’re not focusing on what you need to Work on to excel a whole day’s worth of grinding might be like entirely Worthless this is a really horrible.


 The first In-game simulation that I want you guys to absolutely nail down is box fighting.

Everybody say box fighting box fighting is arguably the most important strategy

To master and fortnight I cannot say this enough I am not exaggerating when I

Say this okay you can literally turn every single fight at for night into a

Box fight I mean if you ask two pros a lot then you can see exactly what I’m

Talking about box fighting allows you to be in a more

Controlled environment which in turn gives you more control of the fight

2. Master The Tunnelling

 Now tunnelling comes in all shapes and all sizes you got the regular tunnel you got bezels diagonal tunnel you got triangular tunnel any that many more okay now if

You want to take a look at specific tunnelling strategies. That this one is so important if you find yourself getting to a high level in

Arena or you want to play in any of the competitive events and right now there’s

Almost daily cash cups with the weekend squad tournaments some of which you

Don’t even have to be in champion division to get into when you’re playing

In a competitive game mode the only way to rotate in the later zones is by using

A tunnel if you can’t tunnel flawlessly you put yourself at grave risk and only

Knowing one tunnel isn’t going to be good enough sometimes you need to go in a

Diagonal direction but if you only know how to tunnel straight forward you’re

Going to find you and a little bit of a predicament to say the least.

3. High Ground Retake

Or those that are unaware high ground retakes means that you build in such a way that allows you to take the high ground position from your opponent that is

Currently on it before creative warriors starts salivating here okay

I’m going to say that real in-game retakes aren’t as fancy as you might think

Alright so when I say high ground retakes I’m more or less talking about

Finding opportunities that are really easy to obtain height now when it comes to maintaining the high ground this one is a little bit

Trickier just like you did to someone else other people are going to be taking

Any opportunity they get snatching the high ground from you and it really makes

Sense to the high ground is like the best position to be in the end game

There’s no doubt about that one but when it comes to maintaining it

You’re going to want to practice adding multiple connection points to your high

Ground tarp and over time you’re going to identify places that you can connect

Your builds that will add more structural integrity so you won’t simply

Get chopped down or shut .

Out of The Game Things

So now that we’ve covered the most important things to practice in game we got to talk about the most important ways to practice outside of the game I’d

Even say that once you’re at a decent level using external resources to

Elevate your game play is really what’s going to push you to be a next level player

Getting your basic mechanics down is only going to get you so far

All right we’re going to talk about ways you can learn to apply set mechanics

Which is the other half of the battle first things first let’s talk about vied?

Review vied review boils down to watching pro players specifically learn

You going to the stream or recent broadcast and pick apart everything they

Do every single micro decision that’s what you’re interested in right

Frequently pause and you know think of what you would do in their situation and

Then play the clip out to see how they differ from you

This one is more important than I could really explain in words you’re just

Going to have to trust me on this one guys alright if you ask any pro player I

Guarantee you like I guarantee that 99% of them all vied review multiple hours

Per week if you want to stay on top of your game you got to bounce between many

Pro players to see what they’re doing to keep up with the Meta  .

Thank you for Reading out this Article .Please Don’t forget to give your reviews in comment section.Its will motivate me to write more on fortnite pro tips.

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