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in this blog I’m goanna talk about learning how to do building for

Beginner level player I’m goanna explain all the basic building patterns for fortnite season 11 and

Edits that you will need to learn in order to quickly advance to intermediate .

We start I should explain the absolute

Ground floor fundamentals of fortnite building mechanic the entire fortnite.

Map is a gigantic grid think of it as a huge chessboard and the building pieces

That you can place on this chessboard are walls floors ramps and pyramids it.

Is very important to have each of these building pieces bound to an easily

Accessible key bind personally I use e for floors queue for stairs and to thumb

Mouse buttons for walls and roofs once you have comfortable key binds the first

Level building techniques so before

Building pattern you should learn is the reinforced ramp rush let’s say I’m

Trying to climb to the top of this tower to attack an enemy if I build up with

Ramps alone they will only take my enemy 5ar bullets to shoot my entire ramp down

But if I reinforce my ramp with walls it will take the enemy ten bullets to knock

My ramp down once you can reinforce your ramp with walls like this practice

Making two ramps and reinforcing those ramps with two walls and the way you do

This drags your ramps and then drag your walls the opposite direction this double

Ramp rush will keep you even more protected from high ground opponents but

Understand that any low ground opponent will still be able to shoot down your

Ramps with ease to protect against low ground opponents shooting your ramps

Down the next building pattern you should learn is double reinforced ramps

So as I make my climb with ramps I am placing a floor and a wall after I place

My ramp this will keep you twice as reinforced it doesn’t matter if anybody

Shoots you from the high ground or the low ground it will take ten bullets

Either way to break down this ramp rush once you’ve learned to double reinforce

Your ramp brush with floors and walls you should learn how to turn and the way

To do that is to place a floor turn 90 degrees in the direction you would like

To climb place a wall and then a ramp so floor wall ramp the more you practice

This technique the more comfortable you will be changing directions in a fight

While keeping your climb reinforced now a common mistake that happens when using

This technique you might find yourself trapped underneath your ramps like that

And if this happens it is likely because you are attempting to jump while staying

Too close to the front edge of this floor as I place a ramp here this ramp

Is above my head so try to make sure you’re jumping before you reach the

Halfway point on this floor that way you can prevent trapping yourself under your

Ramps like this once you’ve learned how to reinforce your ramp brush with floors

And walls and you’ve also learned how to turn while reinforcing your ramps you

Should learn how to turn 180 degrees and the way you’ll do that let’s say you are

Ramping up and you want to turn to look this direction you are going to start

Placing walls here drag 180 degrees jump and place a floor under ramp below

Yourself here I’ll show you guys that quick turnaround slow down just a

little bit so one wall two walls three walls jump look down place the floor and

ran below you keep going wall floor ramp keep going and now let’s speed it up make sure you try to learn this while running full

Speed once you’ve learned how to reinforce your ramps turn while climbing

And also make 180 degree turns you’re in a good position to win build battles and

Take high ground for yourself but from up here this structure can still be

Knocked down so what you’ll need to learn after learning these basic build

Patterns is how to fall safely and the best way to fall down from this

Structure by using buildings it’s making two walls and then a ramp to catch

Yourself make sure when you try to fall you look straight down and know that if

You place more than these two walls here you will take fall damage as you land on

This ramp to speed up the fall as fast as you can once you make these two walls

Immediately look forward and run off the edge of this ramp as you can see this

Allows me to just skim the edge of this ramp to get down as quickly as I can the

Next building strategy you should learn is how to quickly put yourself in a TURTLE BOX IN FORTNITE

By looking straight ahead turbo building a wall and flicking my

Mouse across my mouse pad I can turn 360 degrees and put walls all around myself

Right after I do that I want to put a floor above this box and a pyramid on

Top of that practice building these boxes as fast as you can also practice

Editing your way out of these boxes a three-piece edit like this will let you

Escape this box very quickly to keep yourself even more protected inside your

Box in addition to adding a pyramid on top of the box place a pyramid right on

Top of yourself in here that way if somebody sprays you from above them will

Have to break through three walls before they can damage you this gives you ample

Time to use healing items reload your weapons and prepare to start

A fight but once again placing yourself under a pyramid requires you to practice

How to escape this box now when editing this pyramid I want to raise either one

Tile or both these tiles to escape out this wall practicing these edits early

On and getting in the habit of placing a pyramid both on top of your box and on

Top of your player model will set you up nicely to advance to the next higher

Level of building strategies once you’ve practiced


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