Starting off with

load outs so many things have been

Vaulted and the loot pool has become

More streamlined it’s much smaller now

And each weapon can be found as a common

Grey item all the way to a gold

Legendary even the RPGs this simpler

Loot pool is closer to how things were

In the early seasons way back in the day

Everything is pretty balanced so there

Isn’t too much need to know about?

Load outs but we can talk about a few

Changes that stand out like with rifles

Should you run a burst rifle or a

Regular one well the burst rifle isn’t

New or anything but from our testing and

From what other players have been

Noticing the epic and legendary variants

Are very strong for real when we were

Going around using it landing two or

More shots per burst was the norm it was

Shredding players but the accuracy on

The lower rarity burst rifles is nowhere

Near as good for some reason making them

Less enticing to run as for the regular

AR that one hasn’t seemed to change at

All which means it’s still great to use

And a fine fit with any load out really

It comes down to preference but if you

See an epic or legendary burst rifle

Don’t pass it up just because it’s a

Burst turns out there

Stronger than you probably remember the

Pump shot he also got a pretty big

Overhaul call it a nerve if you want

Because that’s sort of what it was the

Common pump deals 70 damage per shot

With a two times headshot damage

Multiplier with each rarity increase

Comes an extra 10 damage going all the

Way up to 110 with the legendary pump so

Really the old blue pump is now

Equivalent to the purple pump and

Everything below purple is even worse

Than the green pump used to be the

Tactical shotgun hasn’t changed at all

It seems and with how bad the pump nerves

Were many are opting to use tack shot

Ease instead we’re talking a faster fire

Rate higher headshot multiplier and more

Shots before you need to reload when

Compared to the pump so which should you

Run in our opinion anything below the

Blue pump isn’t worth taking over attack

Shot ii if you have the option a blue

One can be worth it but it’s not

Definitively better if you find a purple

Or gold pump then you should always

Carry that these do over 100 damage and

Have that one shot potential we all love

The pump for maybe the lower rarities

Will get buffed one day and us hope so

The damage gap between these rarities is

Too high and it makes the lower ones

Just not worth running the RPG also got

A similar treatment to the pump the grey

One does 70 damage to pliers ramping up

All the way to 130 damage with gold one

Not only does the damage increase but

The reload time increases as well a gray

RPG has almost double the reload time

Compared to a gold one however you

Shouldn’t sleep on the gray RPG just

Because its stats are much worse

These are RPGs who are talking about

They always been powerful and are a

Huge deciding factor in build battles

Plus you can always upgrade it which

We’ll talk about soon finally I want to

Mention the bandage bazooka a lot of

Players have been wondering how this

Works basically it shoots bandages at

Your teammates healing them instantly

For 15 HP up to 100 healths it’s got five

Charges with a charge replenishing every

Twenty seconds you can also heal

Yourself with it simply by aiming it at

Your feet

The kicker with this thing though is

That it takes up to two items slots

Whether or not you should run it well

That’s debatable

We would never recommend running it in

Solos or duo’s it just doesn’t give

Enough value to take up to item slots

There in squads though you can

Definitely get some use out of it but

Even in that mode it takes a lot of

Bandages to reach the point where was

Worth running because those two slots

Could always be used for plenty of other

Heals like med kits or shield push

This thing is also really loud you’re

Just giving away your position every

Time you use it it’s like announcing hey

Everyone my team is weak and we’re

Healing up over here like do you want to?

Get pushed when you’re trying to recover

Because that loud boom noise is going to do

It for you

Overall the weapon load out Meta hasn’t

Changed too much it’s still the normal

Two to three weapons and utility to fill

The rest but now TAC shotguns have more

Value and the new burst rifles are

Better than most players think also

Located around the map in major zones

Our upgrade benches these things can

Take any weapon and upgrade it to a

Higher rarity all the way up to gold

However the materials you need to spend

On each upgrade go up significantly with

Each rarity it starts at 50 of each for

Gray to green then 150 of each for green

To blue 250 of each for blue to purple

And finally 350 of each for the last

Upgrade to gold

Honestly who has that many materials?

Just laying around use well I know for

Myself I definitely do not so these

Things just don’t see much use beyond

The first to more affordable upgrades we

All know how ridiculously crucial it is

To have material so unless you get zone

Favoured and have maybe a few extra

Minutes to farm up it’s not really worth

It to upgrade your weapons to those

Higher tiers first upgrade that’s fine

It only takes 150 mats in total the

Second one 450 total still manageable

But giving up over 750 materials for a

Small stats boost on one of your weapons

That’s a trade most players shouldn’t be

Taking so unless you’re playing squads

And your team is a ton of mattes to work

With you’re usually better off holding

On to them then making those big

Upgrades really it’s a matter of getting

Zone favour and how much time you have to

Farm for the upgrades in most cases you

Don’t have the time or mats for anything

Other than the first couple of upgrades

Unless you’re trying to throw all your

Materials away if you are going to

Upgrade a weapon prioritize upgrading

The pump or RPG like we said earlier

These weapons see a huge stats boost

With each rarity upgrade more than

Others so in terms of pure value you get

The most by upgrading those bad boys

With all the rivers ponds and lakes on

The new map these water-based mechanics

End up playing a huge role in each and

Every match our characters must have

Taken a crash course in swimming during

The blackout because what do you know

They can swim now just hop into any deep

Body of water and press jump you’ll do a

Dive and brushed

Forward if you press jump when your

Character kicks their feet you can

Maintain some really solid movement

Speed this mechanic is a blast to use

And it can end up being really helpful

As well in terms of rotation speed you

Usually go much faster swimming than you

Do running unless it’s against a river’s

Current that’ll slow you down pretty

Much to the point where it’s better to

Get out and run

Swimming is kind of a big risk though

Should you get attached while swimming?

You won’t be able to build cover if the

Water’s too deep you can always stop and

Shoot back but the favour is already

Against you at that point so we

Recommend swimming only in shallow

Rivers or next to some land that way you

Can have a spot to hop out and build

Cover should you get attacked the new

Motor boats are also pretty fun to use

As well they’re great for early and

Mid-game rotations and you can find them

Near most docks or bodies of water you

Can get some serious speed with these

Things even on land the driver can also

Fire a missile every few seconds which

Travels straight and hits for 450 damage

To structures and 35 to players the

Damage to players is negligible but

Against structures it’s almost enough to

One-shot fully built metal the big

Problem with these motor boats though is

How vulnerable you are role riding them

The missile the driver can fire is

Nowhere near has a good had enough defenced if

You’re riding solo even with passengers

You’re all just sitting ducks on the

Boat all it takes is some opponents with

Decent tracking aim and bodies will

Start dropping there are some techniques

You can use like swapping seats to throw

Off your opponent’s aim but even with

That you’re so pretty vulnerable to

Enemy fire so just like with swimming

You should try to drive your boat near

Some land just in case need to hop out

And start building because boats are

Still worth using despite how

Unprotected you become riding them it’s

One of the only mobility options we have

So far this season and riding one is a

Much better alternative than taking

Storm damage lastly let’s talk about the

New fishing mechanic from what we’ve

Seen so far

Fishing is fantastic method for

Gathering loot and healing items mostly

Heal items though there are three types

Of fish you can gather and two of them

Are really excellent there’s the small

Fry which heals 425 HP up to the 75

Health mark these aren’t the best but

are still decent to hold if you can get

a stack of them

then there’s the flopper which heals 450

Health up to the 100 HP mark and the

Rarest fish is the slurp fish which

Heals 450 health or shield all the way

Up to max HP what’s great about these

Fish is how quickly you can eat them

It’s a short 1 second cast and you get 2


Instantly you can stack six small fries

For floppers and three slurp fishes all

Around they’re the best healing items

You can get for use in combat or other

Sticky situations with how common the

Fishing rod is you can pretty much

Always find one they spawn naturally

Around docks and other bodies of water

And also drop out of chests frequently

Anytime you’ve got zone favour and need

Some healing items consider farming for

Some fish getting a stack of four

Floppers or a couple of slurp fishes

Isn’t too difficult it only takes a

Minute or two just make sure you’re

Casting in the schools of fish when you

Can there are those small bubbly spots

Located randomly throughout the water if

You prioritize casting in those they’ll

Greatly increase your chances of finding

Good fish you are of course pretty

Vulnerable while fishing so don’t

Hesitate to make a small one by one

Edit a wall or a window and cast your

Rod through that you’ll keep yourself

Much safer from potential flanks if you

Does that lastly let’s talk about the new?

Hiding mechanic there are haystacks and

Open lid dumpsters located all around

The new map we can now hide in and

Surprisingly a whole squad can fit

Together inside a single one just take a

Look at chap and his squad here all them

Are hiding in this little haystack using

The Supply Drop as bait they wait for an

Opponent to come by jump out together

And get a free limb poor guy there are a

Couple of problems with this trap first

There’s a small delay after jumping

Where you can’t shoot or build the delay

Is just enough that most opponents can

React with their own shot or by building

Cover so it’s not the most effective

Move unless you’ve got multiple players

Jumping out not only that but the

Haystacks and dumpsters rustle and make

Noise indicating somebody is inside if

Someone happens to notice that your

Cover’s blown

Since there are usually other things you

Should be doing like farming materials

Gathering loot or rotating this new

Hiding mechanic is going to be pretty

Situational will predict it’ll mostly be

Used for cheeky early game kills if you

Can set up a distraction like maybe a

Small pile of loot for instance it might

Be enough of a distraction for you to

Jump out and get the first shot off but

Otherwise we think those drawbacks will

Keep it from being an effective strap

Chapter2 just got released so players

Are still discovering new things every

Day but from what we know so far pump

Shotguns just aren’t as good as they

Used to be and burst rifles are really

Strong if you can find a purple or

Legendary version upgrading your weapons

At the new benches can be worth it but

Most of the time you won’t be able to

Upgrade to the highest tiers it takes

Way too many mats that you’ll probably

End up needing

Later in the match while swimming and

Riding motor boats are useful for

Rotating you really need to be careful

While doing either you’re very

Susceptible to gunfire in the water or

While on the boat to help alleviate that

Stay as close to land as possible so you

Have an exit should you need it as for

Hiding in dumpsters and haystacks the

More teammates you have to jump out with

You the better and always try to wait

For your opponent’s turn their back

Before jumping out or else you’ll give

them an opportunity to shoot first

thanks so much for reading

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